PRE-NURSERY      M/W/F or T/TH         9:00AM-11:30AM

This class is offered to 2 year olds.  Class size varies between 10-15 children, and is staffed with one teacher and one or two aides.

The goal of this program is to help the children develop into individuals as we offer them a safe and loving environment that will give them the confidence to explore, learn and make friends.

A daily routine is followed, starting with free play which enables the children to form friendships, share, and develop social skills.  Crafts involving coloring, painting and introduction to ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes and beginning scissors skills are done daily.  At the conclusion of each day is circle time.  Stories are read and little voices are heard singing songs and reciting poems and finger plays which are taught in class.

NURSERY SCHOOL CLASS     M/W/F or T/TH   9:00AM-11:30AM  
This program for 3 year olds works on socialization by encouraging the children to share, take turns and cooperate.  This is encouraged during free play.  Letter, number and shape recognition is also introduced.  Fine motor skills are developed by cutting, tracing, coloring, painting and holding a pencil to print their names.  The children become familiar with the calendar, seasons and weather.  Musical instruments, singing and stories are included daily.

PRE-SCHOOL 3 or 4 DAY CLASS                     M/T/W or M/T/W/TH

                                                              9:00AM-11:30AM or 12:00NOON-2:30 PM
This is a structured program to help prepare your 4 year old for Kindergarten.  Coloring and cutting, pencil control, along with letter, number and shape recognition is reinforced.  Phonics, rhyming, counting and early math concepts are introduced.  Friendships, sharing and following directions are encouraged.  Free play and story time are included daily.

This structured 4 year old program is designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten. The morning session consists of letter and number recognition, printing, phonics, basic math skills and concepts, rhyming, cutting skills and crafts are all part of the daily routine.  Show and Tell and a Science lesson are offered twice a month.  Free play, story time and singing are included daily.  The afternoon session consists of the Skill Builders program.
For students who are ready for a full day of school, Trinity Learning Center offers an All Day Pre-School. The students bring a lunch.  The curriculum compliments their regular morning session. This program provides students an all-day experience allowing for hands on activities while reinforcing skills.

KINDERGARTEN ENRICHMENT     M/T/W/TH  from bus drop off -2:30PM
This is an enrichment program offered to students enrolled in morning Kindergarten.  Transportation is provided by the Dallas School District.  Children bring their lunch, work on phonics, word recognition and early sentence forming.  Penmanship, time, measuring, science, current events, simple addition & subtraction and money recognition & counting are also introduced.


This program is offered Monday through Thursday from 11:30AM- 4:00PM to children enrolled at Trinity Learning Center.Children bring their lunch and enjoy an afternoon of play, crafts and games .This program is great for working parents, or for those who might need a few extra hours for appointments, errands, shopping, etc.